Fruits Name in Spanish and English {100+ Frutas Nombre en Español e Inglés Con Imágenes}

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Fruits Name in Spanish and English

Apricot Fruit Apricot Albaricoque
Apple Fruit Apple Manzana
Mango Fruit Mango
Banana Fruit Banana Banana
Pineapple Fruit Pineapple Piña
Strawberry Fruit Strawberry Fresa
Blackberry Fruit Blackberry Mora
Fig Fruit Fig Higo
Watermelon Fruit Watermelon Sandía

Gooseberry Fruit

Gooseberry Grosella
Muskmelon Fruit Muskmelon melón
Kiwifruit Fruit Kiwi kiwi
Lemon Fruit Lemon Limón
Prickly Pear Fruit Prickly Pear Higo chumbo
Naseberry Fruit Naseberry mora
Jackfruit Fruit Jackfruit jaca
Raspberry Fruit Raspberry Frambuesa
Wood Apple Fruit Wood Apple Manzana de madera
Plum Fruit Plum Ciruela
Starfruit Fruit Startfruit Fruta estrella
Jujube Fruit Jujube Pastilla
Grapes Fruit Grapes Uvas
Pear Fruit Pear Pera
Sweet Lime Fruit Sweet Lime lima dulce
Pomegranate Fruit Pomegranate Granada
Dates Fruit Dates fecha de la fruta
Cherry Fruit Cherry cereza
Custard Apple Fruit Custard Apple chirimoya
Peach Fruit Peach Durazno
Elderberry Fruit Berry Baya
Blueberry Fruit Blueberry Arándano
Blackberry Fruit Blackberry Mora
Orange Fruit Orange Naranja
Guava Fruit Guava Guayaba
Olive Fruit Olive Aceituna
Coconut Fruit Coconut Coco
Tamarind Fruit Tamarind Tamarindo
Raisins Fruit Raisins Pasas
Almond Fruit Almond Almendra
Avocado Fruit Avocado Palta
Sugar Cane Fruit Sugar Cane Caña de azúcar
Water Chestnut Fruit Water Chestnut Castaña de agua
Lychee Fruit Lychee Lychee
Papaya Fruit Papaya Papaya
Cashew Fruit Cashew Anacardo
Mulberry Fruit Mulberry Mora
Persimmon Fruit Persimmon Caqui
Walnut Fruit Walnut Nuez
Cucumber Fruit Cucumber Pepino
Grapefruit Grapefruit Toronja
Quince Fruit Quince Membrillo
Black Currant Fruit Black Currant grosella negra
Red Banana Fruit Red Banana plátano rojo
Palm Fruit Palm Fruit fruto de la palma
Breadfruit Fruit Breadfruit panapen
Cranberry Fruit Cranberry arándano
Damson Fruit Damson ciruela damascena
Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit Dragon de fruta
Feijoa Fruit Feijoa feijoa
Huckleberry Fruit Huckleberry arándano
Kumquat Fruit Kumquat naranja china
Mandarin Fruit Mandarin mandarín
Mangosteen Fruit Mangosteen Mangostán
Passion Fruit Passionfruit Maracuyá
Satsuma Fruit Satsuma satsuma
Soursop Fruit Soursop Guanábana
Tamarillo Fruit Tamarillo Tamarillo
Ugli Fruit Ugli Fruit Fruta ugli
Cashew Apple Fruit Cashew Fruit Fruta de marañón
Loquat Fruit Loquat Níspero

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